Product Description

Naturally sweet and low calorie, our desiccated coconut makes a delicious ingredient for healthy cooking and baking or as a topping for your favourite snacks. Choose how you wish to enjoy it as either finely ground, medium ground or flakes.

Grated from premium-grade, hand-selected coconuts, this grain-free superfood is an excellent source of fibre, protein and essential minerals while adding flavour to any dish or treat. Savour the crisp, light taste of coconut in every bite!


250 G (Flakes), 50 lbs (Fine Ground), 50 lbs (Medium Ground), 50 lbs (Flakes)


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  • Health & Safety

    Only Coconuts health & safety certifications with non-GMO Project, HACCP, CFIA & SQF, Guyana National Bureau of Standards logos
  • Soon to be organic certified!

    We are proud to offer items processed from 100% naturally grown Guyana coconuts that will soon be officially certified as organic.
    Enjoy the flavours and health benefits of premium products cultivated from one of the
    world’s favourite superfoods!
  • The Healthy Choice

    Gluten free, high in fibre, nut-free, grain-free, vegan source of protein icons for Only Coconuts products